Matthias Heiderich

Born in 1982 in Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany

Matthias Heiderich is a self-taught photographer. After finishing his university studies, Linguistics & Phonetics and a Master of Arts, he dedicated more time to his photography. Since 2007 Matthias has worked on various projects but with the same minimalistic perspective. He shows us urban and suburban landscapes with a minimalistic contemporary gesture. Matthias has two sides to his work: colorful and with contrast or dark and melancholic.

Matthias has a great way of seeing a city that is well known to most of us. Berlin is an ever-evolving urban phenomenon, a pot that’s constantly boiling. And even though it is supposedly widely known for just that, people tend to choose a rather narrow-minded approach when it comes to interpreting the city’s character. This happens to a great part because of collective perception or memory that is inherent to big cities where everyone has been or has a friend who has been there. Heiderich’s vantage point is a very refreshing one. He chooses to break conventions of perception of Berlin, which are usually rough, grey, very concrete and very monumental. Matthias plays with contrasting colors, sharp compositions and frame of the cityscapes. It almost seems like graphic design. He is reconstructing the world we live in into an abstract canvas of lines, patterns, angular compositions, and vibrant colors.

The images are all captured from a ground perspective. He doesn’t use any tricks according to climbing or using a wide angle. This gives you the feeling of being in the shot. You see the site from a familiar perspective: looking up from a street at the buildings or streetlights with the bright sun shining down on you. It is familiar but yet in a new refreshing way that you have never seen before.



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– Solo Exhibition ISO Berlin at Neonchocolate, Berlin
– Solo Exhibition Color Berlin at Multilayerladen, Berlin

– GRAFIK Magazine London – Talent of the month – January 2011
– Neue Gegenwart Contemporary – Artist of the month February 2011

Publications / Features:
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