Julie Hrudova

Born in 1988 in Prague.
Currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hrudova works and lives in Amsterdam. At the age of 15 she was given a mobile phone with a small digital camera. This was the moment she started experimenting with photography.

Over the last five years, Hrudova has been wandering the streets of Amsterdam for her ongoing project: Amsterdam Street Diary. Her photos show portraits of Amsterdam’s inhabitants in all their beauty and intimacy. Solely with her camera and her great eye for dynamic compositions she has the ability to change seemingly normal situations into something extraordinary. She reveals stunning stories that are hidden for the most of us.

Hrudova about her work: “They are not your typical city images but more fragments of lighting, a certain situation or expression. I think that isolation is a recurring element in my work. I portray people who are in a certain way lonely or by themselves although they are in the midst of a lively city.”

In her work, Hrudova makes the thoughts of the portrayed persons visible. Nothing is staged: she is a master of coincidence. Minor irregularities capture her attention. Using minimal equipment, she achieves mysterious images, which show her impressive technical skill.


EASTREET Street Photography in Eestern Europe, Lublin, 2015

Fotoura Street Photography Exhibition, 71a Gallery, London, 2014
Young Czech Photo, Percipi Gallery, Amsterdam, 2014

Art in Redlight (AIR9) Art Fair
Solo exhibition, Central Library, Amsterdam
Beter & Leuk, Amsterdam

Hotel Arena, Amsterdam
Nel – Amstelveld, Amsterdam
Affordable Art Fair
NEW Dutch Photography Talent, Void Amsterdam
Qlick editions group show
Exhibition, Coffee Company, Amsterdam
Group exhibition De Nieuwe Maan, The Hague
Exhibition ‘Donkere Dagen’, Oosterpark –Amsterdam
Group exhibition, Amsterdam Museum
Exhibition ‘5 days of Freedom’

Amsterdam Central Station, 2010

Finalist International Street Photography Awards, 2014
Finalist Red Bull 5 Pics 2010 (Red Bull & FOAM)Group
Finalist Amsterdam Student Festival 2010
One of the winners in the ‘Parool’ competition themed ‘Freedom’ 2010