January 19 – March 2 2019

QLICK Gallery is ready to start 2019!
Join us for the first show of the year, opening on Saturday January 19th from 17:00 – 19:00 at QLICK Gallery where we will exhibit “Lasting Echoes” by Estonian artist Kylli Sparre.

Kylli Sparre shows a world in which loneliness, serenity and the symbiosis between man and nature play a major role. Her work takes you to another universe where feeling predominates. It is a fairytale environment with a raw edge.

Her background as a professional ballet dancer can be found in her photography in which these two passions come together. The smooth lines, the decor that works together with the subject and the propagation of an emotion without words, show a clear correspondence with her past.

The relationship between man and his environment is carefully studied by Sparre: nature plays a leading role in many of her works. Natural light is an important factor in this. The moment the light falls through a cloud and lands on the subject is fleeting and inimitable and gives a magical element to her work.

As honoured guests we will welcome the artist Kylli Sparre and the Estonian ambassador in the Netherland Mrs. Kaili Terras at the opening. We hope to see you too!