September 6 – October 12 2019

QLICK Gallery is honoured to present “Interpolations” by American artist Charlie Kitchen for the first time!
We would like to welcome you for the opening on Friday September 6th from 17:00 – 19:00 at QLICK Gallery.

Kitchen was born and raised in San Antonio, USA and grew up in the vast and varied Texas landscape. The love for these landscapes became his muse, although not in the way that one would expect. He consciously abstains from the idealized representation of the landscape and embraces the visual dichotomy of geometric versus organic forms.

Kitchen analyzes the basic principles of photography through physical manipulation of the analogue process. He uses “in-camera” intervention, which offers a way to dissect and reconstruct each image. Qualities of flatness and space within a photo as well as aspects of printing in photography are integrated in his method.

In contrast to other photographic processes, the large format process is of great importance: it presents a space between the lens and the film in which the user can work. By masking the film and overlapping multiple exposures, the image can be fully processed outside of traditional photographic images, thus offering alternative forms of photographic perception.

“Interpolations” will be on show from September 6 till October 12. For all inquiries, please send an email to: info@qlickgallery.com.